So here it is. That Old Wine. Strange name, you think? Reminds you of that saying that goes ‘Old wine in new bottle’, huh?

Well that is exactly why blog is named such. Dear reader, you are hereby warned – this blog will probably have nothing new to contribute to your cache. No original ideas whatsoever. What I might have are some interesting interpretations of wiser peoples’ ideas or a different take on an age-old issue with a dollop of quirkiness and a pinch of humour. Erm..hopefully. This, my dear reader, is just a space for you to realise that the thoughts you thought only you’ve thought about have been actually thought by some kindred spirits. See what I did there? Told ya I’m quirky!

Being someone who has the attention span of a 2 year old, you’ll find my blog crammed with references to movies, books, politics (or what little of it that interests me), religion, football and anything/everything that has caught my fancy at the moment. My posts might not make sense always, but I find solace in the fact that once I write those ideas that swirl in my mind all day long, fogging my good sense, I feel accomplished and at peace and something akin to my interpretation of happiness.

What more can I ask for??


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