5 Things I Want in Life

It’s been a while since I’ve thought about this. My Bucket List, that is. You see, when I was a teenager, I had a diary. Yes. An actual journal. And I wrote in it frequently. Of the many things that I used to share with it, the recurrent themes where just a few. And these where my deepest cravings. Today, after a long LONG time, I happened to go through my bucket list. It is rather interesting to see what an 18-year-old version of myself craved for. Now, going through those pages, I realize that there are a lot of things that have changed. And there are a lot of things that haven’t. Also, with time, there are a few things that I can proudly tick off.

1. Travel.


That thirst for travel (Picture Courtesy: Google.com)

Through all the ups and downs and the revelations about myself that I’ve been subjected to in the past few years, the one thing that has remained constant is my yearning to get out of my comfort zone and go travel India and abroad. I even have specific places sorted out – Kashmir, North-Eastern states, Calcutta (Don’t ask me why, but it is one of my fav places!) and more.

2. Watching a football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Watching Barca vs RM. Ah..the sheer delight! (Picture Courtesy: http://www.scaryfootball.com)

Watching Barca vs RM. Ah..the sheer delight! (Picture Courtesy: http://www.scaryfootball.com)

¬†Being a rather peace-loving Spanish soccer supporter, one of the toughest questions that I face time and again is who do I support – FC Barcelona or FC Real Madrid. To this day, I don’t have a clear reply which is amusing considering that Barca and RM are the Batman and Joker of Spanish soccer. All that is left to decide is who is who. *Dodging eggs and stones from pissed off Barca/RM fans*

3. Own a sinfully humongous book collection.

Heaven. (Picture Courtesy: Google)

Heaven. (Picture Courtesy: Google)

You see that woman in that picture? Amidst all those books. Sigh. I wanna be that girl. I wanna own books. Like physically. Not that I have anything against e-books. Yet, I personally cannot fathom them replacing printed books. EVER. In my collection, Jane Austen’s, Dick Francis’s, Anne of Green Gables series, Harry Potter series, Lord of the Ring series and the Steig Larsson series would have places of honour. Among a.. oh..million or so other authors that I adore.

4. Live alone.

Having a space to call your own (Picture courtesy: www.pinterest.com)

Having a space to call your own (Picture courtesy: http://www.pinterest.com)

Yes. I know that the concept of living alone isn’t all smooth as it looks. There are bills to be paid (always the first concern) and safety issues to be tackled. Not to mention those bouts of homesickness that you are bound to be infested by. And yet, nothing seems as attractive as being your own master (ahem…mistress sounds a tad too dirty somehow). To have a a place to call my own – to be decorated as and how I want. I know it isn’t gonna be all Aisha-of-Wake-Up-Sid style, but hey, this is my dream!

5. Adopt a baby. Have a on-the-move family.

Family = Love+Respect (Picture Courtesy: Google)

Family = Love+Respect
(Picture Courtesy: Google)

Okay, I can see your mental snort when you saw that picture. When I say I want a family, I don’t quite mean a brood. Not that I wouldn’t love one, but let’s be practical here. My bank balance doesn’t quite resemble that of the Pitt-Jolie team and isn’t likely to in foreseeable future, unless of course, I hook up with Bill Gates’ son who is 8 years younger to me (Yes. I googled it. Shamelessly, might I add) Considering the improbability of THAT happening, I’d have no means of bringing up 6 kids in the way they should be brought up. So what I want is to adopt a baby girl (I’ve always been rather particular about this) – it started with Sushmita Sen adopting Renee in 2000, I think. I was all of 12 or something when this idea germinated in my head. Since then. it has taken root there, rather firmly. Whether it’ll be able to bloom or not, only time will tell.

So there. I’ve shared some of the things that I’d particularly love to do in my life. What about you? What is it that you crave from your life? What is it that you really wanna do? I’d love to know!¬†